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NC2420 Network Camera
Looking forward...

With motion detection, applications for event-triggered transmission and remote storage of images, NC2420 is a professional surveillance camera for the future-proof security system. The NC2420 connects directly to local networks or the Internet, transmitting high-quality streaming video at 30 (NTSC) or 25 (PAL) images per second.

Cost-effective, easy to install and use, a remote surveillance system can be up and running in minutes. The system can be as open or closed as you like it.

For a progressive move to a digital, network-based surveillance system, the NC2420 can complement analog CCTV cameras in an existing CCTV-system.

Enables simultaneous use in analog and digital systems
Built in motion detection
Up to 30 frames per second
Built-in Web Server and network connection
View live images from any network-connected PC
Support for Pan/Tilt/Zoom devices
Audio functionality available in combination with the AM2191 Audio Module

Technical Specifications - NC2420 Network Camera
Built-in web server and network interface.
  No PC needed for operation.
Works simultaneously with existing analog CCTV-cameras
  providing the possibility to use either the analog or the digital signal or both.
Powerful video Motion Detection with multiple sensitivity
Linux-based operating system.
Quick and easy installation - simply connect to your network,  
  assign an IP-address or use the included null-modem cable for modem installation.  
Digital, 24-bit color.
Image sensor
1/3 inch Sony super HAD interlaced CCD
HxV: 768x495 (NTSC), 752x582 (PAL).
Resolution (pixels): 704x480 (NTSC), 704x576 (PAL).
Horizontal resolution: 480 TV lines.
Backlight compensation
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
Automatic and fixed White Balance
Electronic shutter:
  1/60 - 1/10.000 sec. (NTSC).
  1/50 - 1/10.000 sec. (PAL).
Illumination range: 1 to 200,000 lux with F1.0 DC-Iris lens. Excellent in low light situations.
Built-in support for DC-iris lenses.
Standard CS mount lens fitting.
Two versions of the NC2420 are available, one with DC-Iris vari-focal 2,8-12mm (zoom)
  lens included and one without lens.
JPEG still images and Motion-JPEG video.
High-speed hardware-based image compression supports high quality JPEG still images
Image frame rate:
  Up to 30 (25) frames/sec at 352x240 (352x288) resolution. NTSC (PAL).
  Up to 12 (10) frames/sec at 704x480 (704x576) resolution. NTSC (PAL).
5 levels of compression are available. The file size of a JPEG compressed image depends on
  the actual content of the image. Images containing a lot of detail will generate larger files. Image quality is controlled by the level of compression. High compression yields smaller files at the expense of image quality, while low compression results in larger files, but maintains image quality. The table below shows average file sizes, derived from real life tests.
Variable bandwidth control prevents data saturation on the network. 30 (25) frames/second
  typically requires about 1.5 Mbps
General I/O
Accepts Dial-in and Dial-out access via external modem (modem not included).
Event-triggered actions for remote image storage via e-mail and FTP .
Video Output
1.0V (p-p) 75 ohm, sync negative.
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
50dB (AGC off).
System Requirements
Compatible with operating systems such as Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP,
  Windows NT, Windows ME, Linux, Mac OS and Mac OS X.
Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Netscape Navigator 4.x.
Non-network, i.e. modem installation requires Windows PC with Dial-up networking.
Supported Protocols
Secure password/username protection restricts access to single users, workgroups,
  or open up to the whole Internet community.
ETRAX 100 LX processor for high-performance, 32 bit RISC, 100 MIPS CPU
RAM: 16 MB.
Hidden push-key for focus and factory defaults.
Firmware Updates
Flash memory for simple upgrades and storage of user designed html files.
RJ45 twisted pair direct network connection for 100BaseTX Fast and 10BaseT Ethernet.
BNC connector for Analog Video Output (NTSC or PAL).
Input/Output connector to trigger the camera and control external devices.
RS-232 port for modem connection or control of RS-232 devices (modem not included).
RS-485 port for control of RS-485 devices.
DC-Iris lens connector.
Power Supply
External power supply connector 9 - 15 V AC, min. 8W.
Operating Environment
Requires proper environmental housing for outdoor use.
Temp: 5-50°C (40-122°F)
Humidity: 20-80% RHG, non-condensing.
A DC-Iris lens must be used and correctly configured for use in environments where,
  strong light conditions prevail. Avoid aiming the camera directly towards extremely bright objects such as the sun, as this may damage the CCD image sensor.
Dimensions and Weight
Height: 57 mm (2.24")
Width: 86 mm (3.39")
Length: 138 mm(5.43")
Weight: 540 g (1.19 lb) excl. power supply, lens and tripod.
EMC:  FCC Class A, Part 15 subpart B
CE: EN 55022 Class B, EN55024
Safety: EN 60950, UL, CSA
Accessories Included
DC Iris variable focal length lens (2,8-12mm). Rugged metal tripod (NC2420 w/LENS only).
DC Iris lens connector.
Null modem cable for modem installation.
Power supply: 12V AC, 9.6 VA.
I/O connectors.

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