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Network Video Solution

is a network video solution and can be adopted in an almost unlimited number of different situations; however, most of its uses fall into one of the following three categories:

1. Security Surveillance íV 's advanced functionality makes it highly suited to the mission critical applications involved in security surveillance. The flexibility of digital technology enhances security personnel's ability to protect people, property and assets from accident and crime. IP surveillance systems are therefore an especially attractive option for companies currently using CCTV.

2. Remote Monitoring íV When it comes to remote monitoring, gives users the ability to gather information at all key points of an operation and view it in real-time. This makes the solution ideal for monitoring equipment, people and places both locally and at a distance. Application examples include: the monitoring of traffic on the highways, ongoing work at a production line or service staff at a help desk.

3. Broadcasting íV can also be used to broadcast images over the Internet, providing users with real-time information about sporting events or weather conditions. As well as being a good way to provide information, live footage is a powerful tool for attracting visitors to a Web site and hence for promoting products or service providers.

From Analog to Digital
Many companies and organizations have already made significant investments in analog CCTV systems and as long as these systems are delivering value, companies do not, understandably, see the need to change. For this reason, 's product range allows companies to integrate an existing analog system with products that bring it up to speed with the latest IP-technology. So instead of starting from scratch, it is possible to combine the old with the new, thereby acquiring the functionality that digital technology offers:

  • Remote accessibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Future-proof

Invest for the Future
Given their tangible convenience and cost advantages, network video and other kinds of digital media are set to gradually become the norm. As international market research specialist, Frost and Sullivan writes, "The approach of the digital age is unstoppable and soon all media will be in digital form."

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