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Building a new digital network


as a digital network video system is able to transmit video without the need for a dedicated physical infrastructure connecting the camera to the monitor. It uses standard IP networks, such as LAN or Internet, for transporting nformation, rather than dedicated point-to-point cabling, such as that used in analog video systems.

Existing Infrastructure
The majority of businesses, schools and industries now have a high-speed, IP-based network connected to the Internet. The same is true of an increasing number of stores and homes. Adding video system simply utilizes and extends the same infrastructure to include video functionality.

Easy Set-up
Under these circumstances setting up video system is both simple and cost-effective. The only action required is to set the IP addresses of the network cameras íV a process that should not take more than a few minutes to perform. Once the basic system is up and running, it can be fine-tuned in a number of ways: by adding other functions such as motion detection, alarm handling, time stamping, local programmability, digital inputs and relay utputs, and Pan-Tilt-Zoom control.

System Expansion
Should the need arise, the system can be expanded by adding more network cameras. This is just as easily done regardless of whether the new cameras are to be placed at the same site, or at a new location communicating over the Internet.

Advantages, Present...
By establishing a digital network, you can achieve the full functionality of an analog system, whilst simultaneously acquiring the numerous, additional functionalities and advantages offered by digital technology, such as flexibility of access to information, ease in distribution of images, capacity for integration, scalability, and reduced costs.

... and Future
For new users of video technology, this is a good opportunity to invest in a digital system that will last well into the future. Network video has the capacity to provide a higher level of integration with other functions and services, making it a continually developing system. And the use of open standard protocols and networks for communication enables easy system integration with equipment from a wide range of manufacturers.

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