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The factors driving any market are usually associated with increasing the opportunity to do things more quickly and efficiently, thus saving both time and money. The case of network video is no different.

Changing Attitudes
Where end-users are concerned, there has been a dramatic shift in attitudes over the last decade. Once, the sight of a network camera might have caused suspicion, being associated with authoritarian political regimes and the corresponding curtailment of civil liberties. By contrast, now that virtually all businesses, schools and industries are connected to the Internet, there is an increasing acceptance of network video as a normal observation tool. Images viewed over the network are generally perceived as harmless, representing part of a larger system, of which the majority already have a good understanding. Since the technology furthermore enhances public security and can even be entertaining, many now regard it as positive.

Practical Technology
For those using the technology directly, a number of practical factors come into play. Images stored on hard disks make searching and retrieval much faster and easier, and lead to minimal maintenance costs. Computers and other functions such as facility management and access control, are clearly converging toward a common IP network that can offer integrated services. At the same time, new innovative ways of using network video are being developed.

Gaining Popularity
Network video is proving to be attractive in a vast array of market segments. At times, it is replacing traditional-style systems to reduce cost overheads, while in other areas it is being used for the first time as more people come to understand how the technology can meet their particular needs. An example of the former, would be a surveillance system switching from CCTV to network video, and an example of the latter would be remote monitoring of equipment by service engineers.

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