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Total Cost of Ownership

To arrive at the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for any system, it is important to consider all the costs over the expected life cycle for the system. Advantages and cost savers that are relevant to will include:

Lower Installation Costs
In comparison to CCTV systems, this is an area where IP surveillance offers clear cost advantages. Installation costs are low since network video can be run on existing computers and network infrastructure. And where cabling is concerned, vastly reduces the need for dedicated cables. A single cable, capable of carrying 40 Mbps can carry around 40 video signals if each camera produces 1 Mbps in order to give the desired image and sound quality. In an analog solution, 40 separate cables would be required.

Lower Maintenance Costs
Thanks to the fact that a network video solution includes no moving parts, the repair and servicing costs associated with analog tape drive mechanisms are completely eliminated.

Multiple Applications
Network cameras can be used for different purposes at different times of the day. For example, a camera can be used within an open Intranet application for employees to check when visitors have arrived during the working day. O
utside office hours, the same network camera can be used to view a reception area.

Combining high-quality images and sound, network video makes all kinds of remote communication feasible. Two examples of applications are remote meeting participation and remote guidance.

Reduced Downtime
Using network cameras to guide people mending equipment at a distance can speed up repair times and reduce system downtimes dramatically.

Reduced Travel Expenses
Using network video to participate in a meeting remotely saves on the travel expenses which would otherwise be necessary, and is the best way of simulating physical presence.

Decreasing Prices
While the cost of equipment based on analog technology is expected to remain static, network video technology, being based on standard IT equipment like network switches, routers and PC servers is likely to come down in price over time. This means reduced costs for any system enhancement over the years to come.

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