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Network Video Solution


We offer two software that complement 's network cameras and video servers:

The Camera Recorder software offers Windows PC users automatic recording
  and live monitoring functions for security surveillance at an attractive price level. With the Camera Recorder, users can record video continuously, on schedule, on alarm and/or on motion detection. The software offers alerts to alarm events via computer sound or e-mail, as well as search functions based on event or date and time.
The Camera Explorer software offers users the freedom to remotely monitor live
  images while stationary or on the move. The software can be used on a PC/workstation and on a PDA running Pocket PC 2002/2003.
The Xprotect Business Solution is designed for seamless integration to both
  IP-based connections and analog camera networks, and is the foundation product for the full line of software offerings. It is a digital surveillance system with advanced management, flexible scheduling, and analysis functionality. Controlling up to 64 cameras per server, it interfaces with standard video and computer hardware equipment from the leading manufacturers, which makes it very efficient to install while measurably reducing maintenance costs.

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