Software Products


Hong Kong (Partial List)

3 Point Systems
A Plus 2 Computer Limited
A. R. Partners Limited
Abba Design Consultants
Action Enterprises (HK) Limited
Active Dragon International Investment Limited
Adlo Technology Limited
Advance Computer Company
Advanced Connection Limited
Air Deluxe Company
Alpha Technology Consultant Company
American President Lines, Limited
Andrew Consulting Company Limited
Arnos Instruments & Computer Systems (Group) Co., Ltd.
Asia Pacific Systems Ltd.
Asialink Network Limited
Astec Custom Power Limited
AT&T Global Network Services Hong Kong Limited
ATL Technology Limited
Auraland Electronics Co., Ltd.
Automated Systems (HK) Limited
Bamboo Networks Limited
Barcol-Air (China) Ltd.
Best & Original Web Studio Limited
Bi Solutions Limited
Bigfield Goldenford Holdings Limited
Billion Nice Industries Limited
Bodice Design Company
Bonson Technology Co., Ltd.
Bowden Industries Limited
Brilliant Label Manufacturing Ltd.
Broadband Technology Company Ltd.
Bron International Limited
Build Shine Development Ltd.
Buxway Consultants Ltd.
Cable System Technologies Ltd.
Cambridge Engineering Company
Capital Systems Limited
CariPAC Limited
CEC-Technology Limited
Centralfield Computer Limited
Cesan Solutions Co., Ltd.
Chain Development Company
ChinaComm International Ltd.
Chinam Associates Ltd.
Chinese Clothing, Asian Dress, Oriental Costume and Hanfu Online Shop
Chinese Kung Fu Hustle, Kung Fu Clothing, Tai Chi Costume Online Shop
Chip Tak Weaving Factory Limited
Chung Nam Watch Co., Ltd.
Circle Tech Company
Citiprint Ltd. Hong Kong Ltd.
Coeval Fashion Knitters Limited
Coils Electronic Co., Ltd.
Combined Logistics (H.K.) Ltd.
Comlogic Technology Co.
Commercial Software Services Ltd.
Companion Plastic Factory Limited
Computer Applications Co., Ltd.
Computer Gallelry Ltd.
Computer Super Store Ltd.
Comtech Engineering & Consultant Co., Ltd.
Comverse Network Systems Asia Pacific Ltd.
Crystal Electronic Enterprises Co., Ltd.
CST Electronices Co., Ltd.
D&E IT Consulting
Dairy Farm Co., Ltd.
DASCOM (Holdings) Ltd.
Datacraft (China) Limited
Datastream Systems Limited
Demert Engineering Limited
Digitest International Limited Limited
Dorring Industries Limited
Dramatic Technology Limited
Dynegy Asia Technology Services Limited
Eagletron Telecommunications Ltd.
East Asia Paper Products Co., Ltd.
Eastech Systems Limited
ELM Computer Technologies Limited
EMC Computer Systems (FE) Ltd.
Eric Ng Production
ET Network Services Ltd.
Euro-Tech Limited
Everbest Computer Network Ltd.
Evercarry Limited
Expert System Co., Ltd.
Express Overseas Airfreight Limited
F & W Garment Factory Limited
Faith Xpress Services Limited
Fashionmark Manufacturing Ltd.
Fast Field Industrial Limited
FCS Computer Systems Ltd
FDS Networks Limited
Fly High Architectural Design
Focus Knitting & Garment Manufacturers Ltd.
Forfan Aluminium Engineering Co., Ltd.
Forich Electronic Ltd.
Fortune Technologies International Limited
Four Seas Industrial Company Limited
Fuk Siu Knitting Co., Ltd.
Fun Fun World Investment Limited
Fung Shing Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Galileo Asia LLC
Gammon Skanska Limited
Gartai Toys Manufactory Limited
Gateway Global Logistics (HK) Limited
Gealex Toys Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Gentle Enterprises Limited
Getronics (HK) Ltd.
Global Information Solutions Systems
Global Technology Integrator Limited
Golden Bright Industries Limited
Golden Globe Holdings Ltd.
Goldlion (Far East) Limited
Graphics Int'l (HK) Ltd.
Guardforce Limited
Harvest Toys Limited
Hatquarter Limited
Herald Metal & Plastic Works Ltd.
Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Ltd.
Hewlett-Packard Hong Kong Ltd.
High China Investments Limited
Hing Lee Zipper Ltd.
Hip Hing Construction Co., Ltd.
Hitacco Electrical Manufactory Co., Ltd.
HK Stationery Mfg. Co., Ltd.
HKSAR - Highways Department
HKSAR - Industry Department
Hoi Po Motor Factory Limited
Home Essentials (HK) Ltd.
Hong Kong Boone Ltd.
Hong Kong College of Technology
Hong Kong Convenience Stores Ltd.
Hong Kong Productivity Council
Hong Kong Telecom International Ltd.
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Hongkong International Terminals Limited
Honsuit Industrial Limited
Hop Lik Trading (HK) Ltd.
Hopeful Printing Factory
Hopewell Trading Company
Iconic Holdings Ltd.
iNetwork Information Services Limited
Infocan Computer Consultants Ltd.
Information and Telecommunication Services Limited
InformLink Consultancy Limited
Infor-Tech Co., Ltd.
Interface Electronics Co.
International Transport Information Systems Ltd.
Jensen Industrial Limited
Joalex Jewelry Limited
JOS Telecom Limited
Jumpin GYM U.S.A. Limited
Kalwing Limited
Kam Hing Piece Works Ltd.
Kam Hung Industries Manufacturing, Limited
Karin Electric Supplies Co., Ltd.
Keen Point International (Garments) Limited
Kenford Industrial Co., Ltd.
Kin Yip PCB (HK) Limited
Ko, Yim & Associates
Kong Wan Knitters (Hong Kong) Limited
K-Tech International Limited
Labsystems (HK) Ltd.
Landis & Gyr Limited
Laser Art Technologies Ltd.
Laser Computer Systems Ltd.
Lea Overseas Industrial (China) Co.
Lead Supply Ltd.
Lee Kong Knitters Ltd.
Lever Shirt G.W.B. & D. Fty. Ltd.
Levi Strauss (Hong Kong) Ltd. (Levi's)
Ligo Keypad (HK) Limited
Live Studio
Llyod's Register of Shipping
LogisticSoftware Co., Ltd
Lyceum Fashion Garment Co., Ltd.
Macco Computer Tecnology Limited
MacGregor (HK) Ltd
Mallesons Stephen Jaques Solicitors
Man Boon Manufactory Ltd.
Mandarin Touch Collections Limited, Chinese Clothing Online Shop
Mannis Garment Factory
Master Knitting Factory
Maygrand International Ltd.
Metro-Link Services Co., Ltd.
Microware Computer Systems Limited
Millennium Development Company
Modernbag Holdings Limited
Montery Limited
Multi-Dimension Institute
Multiframe Computer Company
Multitech Precision (HK) Limited
National Brassieres & Under Wear Factory
Net Promotion Company
New Digital Technology Ltd.
New Way Co. O/B Honour Ease Ent. Ltd.
New World Telephone Limited
Nortel Networks (Asia) Limited
Oasis Consultant
Observatory Hong Kong
Orchid Computer Embroidery Ltd.
Orient Touch Collections Limited, Elegant Chinese Clothing Online Shop
Oriental Press Group Ltd.
Ovation Toys Co., Ltd.
P.H.L. Co.
Pacific Century Cyber Works HKT
Pacific Rim Systems Limited
PCCW-HKT Business Services Ltd.
Peninsula Shoes Co.
Perfect Steam Appliances Ltd.
PFL Pacific Forwarding Ltd.
Po Yue Computer Company
Power Printing Products Limited
Powerpeg NSI Limited
Powerwave Co., Ltd.
Prestige Time Co., Ltd.
Price Water House
Progress Vantage Ltd.
Pulse Components Ltd.
Quanmax Limited
Quick Motion Development Ltd.
Radio Holland B.V.
Ranford Limited
Rayben PCB Limited
Remanco Systems (Asia) Ltd.
Renishaw (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Result Club O/B Exford Consultants Ltd.
Richard Tai & Co., Solicitors
RightStart Int'l Ltd.
Rollion Services Co
Royal Sky International Limited
RSA Technology Group
Same Time Electronics Limited
Samsung Hongkong Limited
Sanar Enterprises Ltd.
Schindler Lifts (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Schindler Management Asia Pacific Ltd.
Schneider Electric
Scorex Technology Ltd.
Sexy Lingerie Costume Shop: Sexy Lingerie, Hot Costumes and Adult Underwear
Seven Seas Garment Factory Limited
Shun Kwong Electroplating Limited
Siemens Ltd.
Signal Communications Ltd.
Silvertech Computer Co.
Sino Links Systems Limited
SK & J Co., Ltd.
Sky Rise Industries Limited
Skynet Technology Co.
Skytex Consultant Ltd.
Skywater Int'l (HK) Co.
Skyworth (Group) Co., Ltd.
Smart.web Limited
South East Trading Limited
Southern Cross (H.K.) Limited
SpeedCast Limited
Star World Electronics Co., Ltd.
Starford Computer Associates Co., Limited
Stella International Ltd.
Strategic Software Ltd.
Stratus Computer Systems HK Ltd.
Sun Fu Cheong Electronics Co., Ltd.
Sun Motor Industrial Co., Ltd.
Sunbond Management Ltd.
SUNeVision RED DOTS Ltd.
Sunrise Computer Company
Sunwai Microsystems Limited
Super-office Limited
System-Pro Computers Limited
Tai Lin Radio Service Limited
Tat Shing Rubber Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Tat Wing International Industrial Co., Ltd.
Team Lee Fashion Knitters Ltd.
Technology Support
Tech-Trans Telecom Ltd.
Techtronic Appliances (HK) Limited
Techtronic Industries Company Limited
Telecommunictions & Technology Asia Ltd.
Ten Gun Elastic Tape Manufacturer
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The PRO. Q. C. Systems Limited
The Refined Industry Co., Ltd.
Thorn Security (Hong Kong) Limited
Tie Rack
Toppan Forms Card Technologies Ltd.
Toys Family Company Limited
TransAsia Computer Superstore
Trend Systems (HK) Ltd.
Tse's Brothers Company Ltd.
Tung Po (H.K.) Technology Enterprise Limited
Uni-art Precise Products Ltd.
Uni-Lockey Industries Co., Ltd.
Unisys China Limited
Unitech Computer Systems Ltd.
United Networks
Vanda Computer Service (HK) Co., Ltd.
Varian Medical Systems Pacific, Inc.
Vital Design & Printing Centre Ltd.
Wa Fai Graphic Arts Printing Company
Wah Cheong Vinyl Ltd.
Wai Lam Printing Factory Limited
Wai Shing Construction Co., Ltd.
Walex International (Holding) Ltd.
Web Technology Service Provider (HK) Ltd.
Welkin Systems Ltd.
Well Hope Industrial Limited
Well Hope Toys International Ltd.
Wellgain Industrial Ltd.
Welton Electronics Limited
Whitways Enterprises Limited
Willfield Holdings Ltd
William E. Connor & Associates Ltd.
Winbest Int'l Industrial Ltd.
Wings Trading (HK) Co., Ltd.
WinWay Fashionwear Limited
World-Fair Consultant Ltd.
Xantic (HK) Ltd.
Yat Fai Transportation (Holding) Ind. Ltd.
Yat Fung Co.
Yip's Electrical Manufactory Ltd.
Zeacom Asia
Zhen Hua Trading (HK) Ltd.
Zslin Co., Ltd.
Zung Fu Company Limited


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Major Corporations

Major Ministries
Major Universities
Major Municipal Governments

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