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External Modems
MultiModemZDX: Basic desktop data/fax modems (some models support voice) for communication over a dial-up phone line.
MultiModemZBA: Desktop data/fax modems for business communication over a dial-up or 2-wire leased phone line.
MultiModemII: Mission-critical corporate data/fax modems (sync or async interface) for communication over a dial-up, 2-wire leased, or 4-wire leased phone line.
MultiModemMobile: A complete, ready-to-deploy, external wireless modem for GSM/GPRS or CDMA.
USB Modems
MultiModemUSB: Desktop data/fax modems with a USB interface for PC-based data and fax communication over a dial-up phone line.
DID Modem
MultiModemDID: Direct Inward Dial (DID) Modem with V.92 datacomm and Super G3 fax
ISDN Modem
MultiModemISDN: Desktop ISDN modem for EURO-ISDN basic rate service.


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