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Virtual Private Networking Solution

With the advent of affordable broadband technologies, small- and medium-sized businesses can now use the Internet and Virtual Private Networking to bypass expensive, traditional WAN and remote access connections. With VPN solution a company can tap into the benefits of remote access without the high cost and complex technical infrastructure.

Branch Office VPN
(Replaces traditional Wide Area Networking)

The LAN-to-LAN VPN application sends network traffic over the branch office Internet connection, instead of relying on dedicated leased line connections. This can save thousands of dollars in line costs and reduce overall hardware and management expenses.

Remote User VPN
(Replaces traditional remote access)

The client-to-LAN VPN application sends remote user traffic over the user's Internet connection. The advantage is that the remote user can make a local call to an Internet Service Provider, as opposed to a long distance call to the corporate remote access server. This solution is ideal for a telecommuter or mobile sales people.

As you can see, the client-to-LAN application supports both IPSec and PPTP. The first, IPSec, provides strong 168-bit 3DES encryption. It offers high performance 3DES throughput at 15M bps and supports up to 256 tunnels. When using IPSec, you need to purchase a client license for each user. We offer IPSec licenses from 1 to 50 users. PPTP is built into the Windows operating system (Win 95 and above) provides 40-bit or 128-bit encryption with 8M bps throughput. It utilizes user name and password authentication and supports up to 128 tunnels.

IPSec vs. PPTP

IPSec, in addition to providing stronger encryption and better overall security, offers better performance than PPTP.

The first graphic shows the traffic flow of a remote user using the PPTP client built into Windows while the second shows the traffic flow of a road warrior using IPSec client. As you can see, PPTP encrypts all traffic coming from the road warrior and sends it to the RouteFinder. This results in slower performance and provides an extra load on your data line at the corporate site.

IPSec, on the otherhand, is a more intelligent protocol and only encrypts the traffic destined for the corporate LAN. Because there is no need to, Internet traffic is not encrypted, which results in better overall performance. In addition, it eliminates any extra load placed on your data line at the corporate site.

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