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Virtual Private Networking Appliance


Secure IPSec and PPTP VPN
Strong 168-bit 3DES encryption
Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall
E-mail Anti-virus protection
Content filtering

's Internet security appliances are integrated VPN gateways/firewalls designed to maximize network security without compromising network performance. They use data encryption, user authentication and the Internet to securely connect telecommuters, remote offices, customers or suppliers to the corporate office while avoiding the cost of private leased lines or dial-up charges. The browser-based interface eases configuration and management. The VPN functionality is based on IPSec and PPTP protocols and uses Triple DES 168-bit encryption to ensure that your information remains private. The RouteFinder firewall security utilizes Stateful Packet Inspection, and provides content filtering, as well as optional e-mail anti-virus


Supports IPSec and PPTP VPN tunneling
Utilizes 168-bit Triple Data Encryption standard (3DES)
Built-in Stateful Packet Inspection firewall with Network Address Translation (NAT)
Free one-year content filtering subscription
Automatic dial-backup with built-in modem (RF660VPN) or via an external dial-up modem
  or ISDN terminal adapter
Automatic system updates to protect your network against the latest threats
Application layer security using SMTP, POP3, HTTP, DNS and SOCKS proxies
Caching server improves Web surfing performance
Secure local or remote management using HTTP, HTTPS or SSH
Three built-in 10/100 Ethernet ports (LAN, WAN, DMZ)
Reporting function provides valuable troubleshooting information
Shared broadband or dedicated Internet access for up to 255+ LAN users with one IP
Internet access control tools provide client and site filtering
Traffic monitoring and reporting
IP address mapping/port forwarding and DMZ port

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