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Remote Access Solution

Whether you want to provide dial-in access for mobile computing and telecommuting or dial-out access through modem pooling and fax serving, with 's breadth of connectivity options, you are assured of a solution that will meet your application needs and your budget.

For a few ports to 120 dial-up ports, our solutions support the leading networking environments, including Microsoft®, Novell®, Citrix®, SCO®, and Linux® and are easily managed through a web browser or our user-friendly GUI management applications.

No single remote access server is right for every application. That's why our solution covers a broad range of servers that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the small, midsize, or large organizations.

From the plug and play RASFinder™ Remote Access Servers to the scalable MultiAccess™ Communications Servers, select the number of ports you need for your remote access needs. And with our full-featured, flexible designs we give you room to grow rapidly, yet painlessly.

Because we understand the power of extending your network across the country or around the world, and because we have been delivering reliable communication solutions over the years, you can count on us for all your remote access needs.

MultiAccess T1/PRI Communication Servers
Communications Server with channelized T1 and PRI ISDN for T1/E1 PRI interfaces, scalable up to 96/120 users

CommPlete 4000 BRI/56K Analog Communications Servers
Communication Servers with analog, serial, or BRI interface for up to 32 sessions.

RASFinder Remote Access Servers
Turnkey Remote Access Server with integrated V.90 or ISDN modems.

Note: For remote access over Internet, please refer to our Virtual Private Networking Solution.

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