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NC205 Network Camera
Live video from anywhere your network goes

NC205 is a small, easy-to-use camera that you can place virtually anywhere. It has it's own IP address and built-in web server, so it goes anywhere your network goes, instead of being tied to your computer.

It offers superior image quality with three resolutions up to 640x480. It provides up to 30 frames per second in all modes and supports up to 20 users simultaneously. With NC205, you can set up multiple cameras affordably. You can view live video from any standard browser. You can even add password protection to restrict viewing.

Monitor property, people or businesses. Broadcast events, products or facilities to others locally as well as over the Internet. Keep an eye on reception areas, entrances or queues. Even create your own "reality" show! NC205 has as many uses as your imagination allows.

Small, compact size
Superior image quality
Built in web server
Three different resolutions
Up to 30 frames/second in all resolution modes
Supports up to 20 users simultaneously
Technical Specifications - NC205 Network Camera
The ultimate camera to provide high quality video for remote
  monitoring over LAN and the Internet.
Built-in web server, does not require any additional hardware
  or software to operate.
System Requirements
The following specification applies to browser based viewing.When using an application
software, please refer to specifications provided with the software.
Operating systems:
Most Windows versions (such as Win98, Win2000 and XP), Linux*, UNIX*, Mac OS*, Mac OS X*
Most versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla*, Opera*
Meeting the specifications for selected operating system and browser
* Limited functionality
Hardware & System
32bit RISC CPU
Motion JPEG compression chip
Linux 2.4 kernel
2 MB Flash
Lens: 4 mm, F2.0, fixed iris
RJ45: 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet networks
5.0-5.5 VDC / min 400mA - external power supply included
Color & Black/White
Illumination: 10 - 10.000 lux
Image frame rate up to 30 frames/second for all resolutions
Image compression: Motion JPEG
Supports three resolutions: 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120
Four levels of compression
Network bandwidth usage limitation control
The file size of a JPEG image depends on factors such as selected resolution, compression level and the actual content of the image. Typical image sizes for 640x480, using medium compression and normal daytime indoor office lighting levels, are in the range 30-40 KB.
Multi user level password protection for restricted camera access
Support time synchronization with a NTP server (Network Time Protocol)
Text, date and time overlay
Support for up to 20 simultaneous users
Internet Dynamic DNS Service (One-Click installation)
Ability to print and save snapshots
Rotate image 180°
Firmware Updates
Flash memory allows firmware updates over the network, using HTTP or FTP over TCP/IP.
Customer Applications
Compliance with the HTTP API for application developers and system integrators
Full support in Camera Explorer and Camera Recorder
Operating Conditions
Temp: 5-40°C (41-104°F)
Humidity: 20-80 % RHG
Indoor use only
Dimensions and Weight
Height: 85 mm (3.35")
Width: 55 mm (2.17")
Depth: 34 mm (1.34")
Weight: 177 g (0.39 pounds) (incl. adjustable stand)
EMC:  FCC Class A, B
  EN55022:1998 Class B
  VCCI Class B
  AS/NZS 3548
Safety: EN60950
Included Accessories
Adjustable stand
Power supply
Available Accessories (not included)
IP Utility íV a software to assign static IP addresses
Camera Explorer íV a software that provides an easy way to select and view
  multiple cameras, save snapshots, etc.
Camera Recorder íV a professional way to monitor and record up to 16 cameras.
  Review and export recorded material without interrupting an ongoing recording.
802.11b Wireless Access Point and 802.11b Wireless Device Point

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