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Announcing the new MultiAccess Digital Remote Access Server [ December 1, 2003 ]
The new MultiAccess Digital Remote Access Server of the solution, provides dial-in/dial-out capabilities on a worldwide basis for ISP and enterprises requiring a medium-sized V.92/ISDN communications server platform, and enterprises looking for a means to provide communications network services to traveling workers, remote offices and telecommuters. The MultiAccess Server Model MA30120 is available in a basic configuration of 24/30 digitally terminated communications ports (modems/ISDN) which are expandable to 96/120 ports through up to 4 digital channelized T1, E1, or PRI (Primary rate ISDN) lines. Send/receive fax server functionality will also be provided at a later date through a free firmware upgrade.

The flexibility provided by the MultiAccess's full range of communications options means organizations can standardize on a single model for worldwide deployment and any subsequent redeployments. Tasks like configuration, training and network management are made less complicated and more efficient with only one SKU. All this flexibility is packaged in a small to mid-range remote access solution using V.92 and BRI-ISDN connectivity for the user coupled with T1, E1, and PRI-ISDN connectivity on the network end. There are very few solutions available on this end of the size spectrum because most current competitive offerings are in the carrier-class sized systems employing high port counts and expensive expandability. And with these larger systems, the small to mid-range users must pay for capacity they may never need. The MultiAccess was designed to address the needs of these moderate-sized installations. It's a robust drop-in solution that integrates with existing RADIUS servers used by ISPs and enterprises for accounting and security needs.

The MultiAccess digital remote access server is a Linux-based server housed in a 1U rack-mountable cabinet with a basic configuration of 24 or 30 digitally terminated communication ports, either V.92 modem or ISDN, expandable to 96 or 120 total ports. Supporting up to 4 digital channelized T1 and T1/E1 Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) lines in one system, this full-featured remote access server provides advanced security, web-based management and seamless interoperability with any TCP/IP network. Connections to the LAN/WAN is by two auto-sensing 10/100BaseT Ethernet interfaces.

The MultiAccess unit offers Internet Service Providers and enterprise network managers a flexible system that can receive V.92 client and HDLC/PPP ISDN client calls. Authentication is both RADIUS and local.

For more details, please visit the MultiAccess home page.

Announcing the new DID Fax Server solution [ December 1, 2003 ]
is a complete, highly economical, easy-to-use network fax server solution priced at about half the cost of other network fax solutions on the market today. It contains two V.34 fax modems, as well as, one DID port for receiving DID faxes and one analog port for sending/receiving faxes over a standard PSTN phone line. can receive faxes from a DID trunk, convert them to an e-mail format and send them via e-mail to any network location based on pre-assigned DID numbers. On a send operation, bundled client software for Windows can send faxes anywhere in the world. These fax operations are handled by the industry's most advanced modems which support DID and "Super G3" ITU V.34 standard fax communications. In addition, the solution also supports two dimensional compression, real time fax compression conversion, and ECM (Error Correction Mode). For more details, please visit the home page.

Announcing the new cellular modems for wireless access [ December 1, 2003 ]
The new cellular modems include external models utilizing both GSM/GPRS and CDMA technologies used to communicate data and voice over worldwide cellular communications networks. These modems can be used for applications needing a complete wireless modem equipped with an industry standard RS232 interface. The new MultiModemGSM/GPRS and CDMA stand-alone cellular modems are complete, ready-to-deploy wireless modems utilizing Wavecom's WISMO multi-band GSM/GPRS Class 10 and CDMA2000 1xRTT technology. Rugged, water resistant, industrial chassis design with RS-232 DE-15 Voice/Data interface connector, permanent screw-type power connector, and SMA antenna connector provides for desktop or panel mounting. Six LEDs provide operational status indicating power, network status, and four LEDs for RS232 signal activity. For more details, please visit the MultiModemMobile home page.

We help to fight against Sobig.f virus and Blaster Worm! [ October 21, 2003 ]
If you are concerned about two of today's most common threats to enterprise networks, the Sobig.f virus and new Blaster worm, you should consider implementing the Internet security solution on your network. provides both optional anti-virus software from Kaspersky™ Labs and the newest in firewall technologies that block malicious network worms looking for opportunities to cause problems. The anti-virus function instantly scans all incoming and outgoing e-mail and protects the network by exposing and neutralizing viruses, network worms and Trojan programs. With 's Stateful Packet Inspection firewall, you can block ports that would keep worms, such as the Blaster worm, from reaching the network. For more details, please visit the home page .

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