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Workgroup Collaboration Software

, the ready-to-work Groupware application suite is easy to use and can improve productivity of co-operative work in your workgroup or whole organization. offers your workgroup twenty powerful collaboration software tools.

Key Features

You can use all of the applications the same way to access web sites.

The standard 20 ready-to-use applications strongly support your co-operative workflow.

Flexible Access Control
You can prevent unauthorized users from accessing data.

Information Search
You can search applications' data individually, or as a whole with .

Smart Messaging
Various notifications and reminders of scheduled events and To-Do tasks can be received via e-mail so that you never miss important information.

Personalizing Screen
You can choose the screen color, as well as the menu type.

20 Powerful Intranet Applications

Collaboration Tools

The collaboration tools let you easily organize the sharing of information. Members of your workgroup can get up-to-date information anytime, anywhere.

Communication Tools 

's enhanced communication tools allow your members to communicate general and specific information to each other.

Personal Information Management Tools   

also provides the personal information management tools that allow you to manage your personal information and data.

Resource Management Tools 

With , four resource management tools are available so that efficiency of resources required for activity of persons, workgroups, and organization can be maximized.

Unique Features

Personalizing Options
  Personalize your desktop and change various options of each application to better suit your needs.
Administration Tools
  provides powerful and flexible Administration tools that can reduce TCO. Once is installed on your server, a non-IT expert can administer the entire system.
Security Features
  Planning and implementing security policies are critical issues in Groupware applications. To determine and manage the security issues, provides three different security policies.
National Language Support
  has no built-in assumptions or dependencies on language specific or cultural specific conventions. Although the user interface is English, NLS supports non-English speaking countries and regions.
Other Unique Features
  We've developed abundant auxiliary functions so that the applications can be used more conveniently.
System Requirements
  runs on various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and UNIX. Installing is easy, and can be done in a few minutes with most operating systems.
More about iOfficeV4
  We provide a comprehensive user guide that allows you to learn 's features.

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