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Collaboration Tools

Sharing data and information within a group or an enterprise benefits your cooperative workflow. With , you can manage this sharing of information.

Schedule enables you to view schedules of your group members at-a-glance. You can allow access to your schedule specific members and groups.
Talk about a topic or post a question. Your message boards will become great databases for all members.
Keep track of your project from launch to completion. Progress reports on each task help you to view the overall status of the project at-a-glance.
Use Document to store files and documents so your work group members can get up-to-date files anytime, anywhere.
Address Book
Manage the contact information of your clients, customers, and vendors. in the public address book. Each user can have a private address book to store personal contact information.
User List
A list of all users in your group. Use the list to find contact information of users or send e-mail. You can group users together by any category so that you can use the contact information more quickly and conveniently.


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