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National Language Support

provides National Language Support (NLS), which allows users to:

Use User Interface in native language
  (Currently English, German, Japanese and Traditional Chinese UI are available)
Store and retrieve data and files in native language
Use date and time in local formats
Use monetary and numeric in local formats
Sort data in dictionary order
Send and receive e-mail messages in many character code sets
What is iOfficeV4's NLS?
  has no built-in assumptions or dependencies on language specific or cultural specific conventions. Although the user interface is English, NLS supports non-English speaking countries and regions.
Installing and Using iOfficeV4's NLS
  To use 's NLS, you need to install NLS Pack for your language and region.
Some Technical Issues

's NLS is implemented with the use of local functions in operation systems.


What is 's NLS?

  NLS features include:
  Language Support
  Date and Time Formatting
  Monetary and Numeric Formatting
  Sorting Data in Dictionary Order
  Character Classifications
  Character Code Set Support
  Language Support
  allows users to store and browse data and files in native language. supports most contemporary languages.
  Date and Time Formatting
  Date and time formatting are different in each country, e.g. 12/25/2002 in USA, 25.12.2002 in Germany, and 2002/12/25 in Japan. Time formatting 2:00 PM instead of 14:00 is widely used in USA. supports various date and time formatting.
  Monetary and Numeric Formatting
  Currency symbol, radix symbols and thousands separators can be represented in local format.
  Sorting Data in Dictionary Order
  sorts data by use of local dictionary order. for example, German "ä" is listed just after "a", not at the end of a list.
  Character Classifications
  In Address Book, accented characters are classified into non-accented characters. e.g. German "ä" is classified into "a".
  Character Code Set Support
  supports major character code sets including double-byte character sets.
  Installing and Using 's NLS
  In default, supports US-English/USA. To use in your region and language, you need to install 's NLS Pack.

's NLS Packs are available for the following regions and languages. We will release more NLS. Stay tuned...

North America
Latin America
West Europe

You can download English and Chinese NLS Packs from the free trial page.

Some Technical Issues

Since 's NLS is implemented with the use of locale functions of operation systems, which regions and languages can be supported depends on your server's operating system.

To check supported regions and language in your server:

In Windows OS

Open Region and Language Setting in Control Panel. You will see the list of regions and languages available in the computer.

In Linux OS

Start telnet tool and connect to the server.

Once the telnet connection established, switch to the root user.



Enter a password for the root user

Use locale command to check the supported regions and languages.

>locale -a


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