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Nowadays, e-mail is a standard communication tool in most organizations. provides your workgroup with unique features that e-mail does not offer.

Use WebMail to send and receive e-mail messages. Since WebMail does not require any e-mail client software, you can transfer messages from a browser anywhere.
Whereabouts allows you to check users' whereabouts and your messages that came in while you were absent. You can leave messages for your colleagues instantly.
Use Workflow to process any application in your organization. The application is sent to the appropriate people in a specified order.
Use Circulation to send circulars to your group members. Since Circulation allows recipients to comment on a topic, it can be used as a polling tool.
Use Report to create and submit reports about tasks to people in your workgroup. Recipients can comment on a report and send it back to the originator.
Use Information to provide information to your workgroup members. You can display important messages on recipients' Top Page during each posting period.
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