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Sharing data and information within a group or an organization benefits your cooperative work, but the sharing freely without any restriction may cause serious problems. We've designed and implemented strong and flexible security policies for to prevent any unauthorized access.

User Accounts
  Determine who can configure, control, and supervise the entire system.
User's Roles
  Determine who can do what and what they can do.
Access Control
  Determine who can access certain information and data.

Managing User Accounts


In , there are two kinds of user:


Administrator: has all access rights to the system. Nothing can override the rights of the administrator.

  Administrator can:
  Access the Setup functions.
  Access the General Preferences of each application.
  Read, add, edit, and delete any data of any users.
  Grant access rights to any data by any user.
  User: can use applications and can access shared data within the rights given.
  Managing Authority and Roles
  In some applications, The administrator can appoint users to managers who have administration rights within the application. Such administrators have authority or roles to manage the application on the administrator's behalf.
  Application administrators can be appointed in the following applications
  Facility Reservation
  User List
  Time Card
  Authority can be given to users in the following applications.
  Address Book
  Managing Access Rights
  Control of access rights is the heart of the security function in . grants access rights in the following manner:
  A user grants access rights of objects to users.
  A user is either an administrator or a user.
Access rights are Read, Add, Edit and Delete.
Objects are data, folders or schedules. Object vary in each application.
Users are users.
  You can control access in the following applications
  Facility Reservation
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