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Administration Tools

provides powerful and flexible Administration tools that can reduce Total Cost of Ownership. Once is installed on your server, a non-IT expert can administer the entire system.

User & Group Management Tools
  The structure of an organization is expressed with using the concept of group. The concept of group in is very simple, but flexible to express a complicated structure of an organization.
Access Log
  provides the access log which shows you the number of accesses by applications and by users.
Disk Space Management
  You can see how much disk space is being used by each user and each application. This is useful for your managing or planning future hardware structures and configurations. In some applications, you can limit the use of disk space used by an application.
General Options
  Administrators can set up common properties of and preferences for each application.
Personal Preferences
  You can change the way most applications work and look. With Personal Options in the sub-window, you can change and edit the screen preferences, some default settings, predefined forms, list items and much more. Changes in your Personal Preferences do not affect other users' applications.

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