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Personalizing Options

With , each user can make changes according to personal preferences.

Screen Color
  You can choose one of six ( ).
Menu and Screen Layout
  offers you two types of menu screens: Portal Menu and Icon Menu. You can also choose the applications you want to display in the menu screen.
Diet Screen Mode
  You can switch the screen mode from normal to Diet Screen Mode, which we designed for users who use in narrow band width networks.
  You can add links to your favorite Internet Web sites. The benefit of using Bookmark is that; unlike using a browser bookmark, you can use your bookmarks anywhere, from any PC, because your bookmarks are registered on the server.
Personal Preferences
  You can change the way most applications work and look. With Personal Options in the sub-window, you can change and edit the screen preferences, some default settings, predefined forms, list items and much more. Changes in your Personal Preferences do not affect other users' applications.
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